Mark W. Griffiths

Mark is a British born composer and pianist from the North East of England. He was taught piano by his father, Bill Griffiths. Music was a significant part of Mark’s early childhood; piano, brass and voice! Bill had passed on a gift to Mark which was to become very personal and life changing. Mark found a soulmate in the piano and continued to study it as part of his music training at both the University of Huddersfield and Manchester Metropolitan University. Over the years he has performed in a wide range of venues both as soloist and accompanist.  Mark has always taken an interest in composition, but it wasn’t until recently that Mark began to record and notate the music he created for piano. It is Mark’s desire to write piano music that is calming, soothing and that reaches out to the listener through a clear focus on melody and harmony.  His first album ’Moments of Time’ was released in June 2021, whilst a number of singles and two EPs also feature in his catalogue of work.

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