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Digital Label for Modern Classical Music

Yellow Rose Records is a Record label offering digital distribution services and promotion of signed artists.


Yellow Rose Records is a Record label offering following services: Distribution of artist content, Artist promotion through a number of online platforms, Submitting content for Synchronisation licensing deals and blanket licenses, and other services with a goal of maximising artist and content exposure.


We also provide services for custom design of Artworks and Logos for our signed artists. 
The artwork is the first thing a viewer sees and can determine whether or not they are going to click and listen to your music so it is important the artwork looks the best it can. 


As soon as your song is released we will do our best so your song actually gets heard. Through the network of our Promotional team, we are able to pitch your tracks to playlists on Spotify and other Digital Streaming Platforms, as well as to our personal Yellow Rose Records playlists. 

We also provide a high-quality mastering service for all our releases free of charge. If you need mixing too, or mixing and mastering service for your releases outside of Yellow Rose Records please click here.


What our artists say about us.

"Everything would be better if more people were like the Yellow Rose Records team. Beyond words." 

Angel Ruediger

"In Yellow Rose Records I've found a business partnership on which I can rely - and this is a miracle in today's music world. I get personalized coaching in the production phase, great artwork, heavy pitching in their playlist network, and a financial deal balanced to the artist's benefit."

Juan María Solare

"I started releasing music with Yellow Rose Records in 2020 and had the honor of being the first artist they have produced. I can say this label is wonderful, run by people who care about their artists. The ability to build good human relationships is the strength of this fantastic team."

Dario Crisman


Here are some of the most recent artists that signed for Yellow Rose Records.
For a full list of our artists click here.

Giandomenico Castellano


Nikolas Belalis


Yujin Baek



Matthew Tondut


Eldar Ibrahimovic


Clayton Popa

Creative Arts Director

Chris Petit

Audio/Visual Manager


If you would like to become one of our artists please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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