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Nikolas Belalis

Nikolas Belalis is a pianist and composer from Athens, Greece. He entered the world of classical music at the age of 9 when he took his first piano lessons and it was soon after that he knew that music was the path he wanted to follow in his life.
Although he started composing his own music at the age of 13, it wasn't until 25 years later that he decided to release his first album "Moments of A Never Ending Trip", which consists of pieces for piano & strings orchestra.  In the works that followed his first release, the influences from his favourite darkwave artists and the gothic culture became more obvious and were harmonically combined with elements of music from the romantic era piano composers. His discography consists of 4 albums and a plethora of singles with a total of more than 6 million streams. Apart from his career as a composer and recording artist, Nikolas has been teaching music in conservatories and schools for over 2 decades. 

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